Seminar & Netwerkreceptie WindEnergy Hamburg 2016

26 September, 2016

Offshore wind in the Netherlands is rapidly developing into a mature and cost effective market with significant investment opportunities for the upcoming years. Between 2016 and 2019 five subsequent tenders of 700MW each will be organized. The outcome of the first tender – Borssele sites I & II – this summer has provided the Netherlands with a prominent spot on the world map of offshore wind projects. DONG Energy won the tender with a spectacular low bid. The 5th and last tender under this regulatory and subsidy framework will take place in 2019.

Meanwhile future developments scenarios for offshore wind deployment on the North Sea are already being prepared. International cooperation is the key to develop the vast offshore wind potential on the North Sea. A Political Declaration has been signed last June by several countries around the North Seas to show their willingness to cooperate in developing Offshore Wind to a next level. In collaboration with other countries, the Netherlands are investigating what more can be done post 2020 and in the run-up to and period after 2030.

This seminar is an introduction to the various scenarios that currently are being discussed to develop offshore wind on the North Sea after 2019. Special focus will be the contribution of the Dutch offshore wind supply chain to future offshore wind developments. Offshore wind policy makers, experts and industry representatives will share their views on these topics.

Mr. Rob van der Hage (TenneT) North Sea 2050
Mr. Hans Timmers (Netherlands Wind Energy Association – NWEA)    Future North Sea after 2019
Mr. Jos Beurskens (Holland Home of Wind Energy – HHWE) Dutch offshore wind supply chain (Virtual Reality)
Mr. Chris Westra (Chris Westra Consulting) Moderator panel discussion

After the presentations there will be a panel discussion with the speakers and other players from the industry to hear their forecasts and visions on offshore wind in the coming decades.

Network Reception
After the seminar at 16:00 hrs a network reception will be held at the Dutch Pavilion in Hall B1.OG of the Hamburg Messe where you will be able to meet important stakeholders in the Dutch offshore wind industry.

Time & Location
Date: September 28, 2016
Time: 13:00 – 16:00
Location: Conference room Copenhagen 3 (B3)

To attend the seminar please send an email to Eline Timmer. For any questions, please email or call Eline Timmer ( / +31 6 5124 9079) or Hilbert Klok ( / +31 6 3103 5805)


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