9 June, 2016

Holland+You is a platform initiated by the Dutch economic network in the GCC to further strengthen business relationships between the Netherlands and the GCC countries. Holland+You is about generating more interaction between Dutch and GCC stakeholders, connecting business needs in the GCC region with Dutch solutions and creating an online platform and business events.

We believe that by joining forces and sharing knowledge, we can contribute to a healthy society, sustainable economy and future-proof way of living in the GCC.
We are keen to share exclusive, innovative, sustainable and integrated solutions to withstand economic, environmental and social challenges.
Together, we can catalyze economic growth in the GCC.

Many Dutch companies and organizations have found their way to the GCC countries to build business partnerships. These partnerships are successful because they join forces by investing in relationships and working together towards set goals.


Twitter: @hollandplusyou

LinkedIn: Holland+You



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