Cleantech Holland is supported by FME and is one of the export clusters of the FME International Department


About FME

We mobilize and link the Dutch technology industry to collectively answer every question and meet every challenge we face today and tomorrow. In order to increase the growth and earning power for our members and the Dutch technology industry.


With Powered by Dutch Technology FME binds the Dutch technology industry together so we can collectively answer every question and meet every challenge that the world faces today and tomorrow. We do that by working every day to better understand what drives our members and to identify their innovation power. In clusters, we use that knowledge to build strategic connections between companies, knowledge centers, and financiers that strengthen each other in the development of chain-wide solutions to market challenges.


 Key figures

  • 2,400 member companies, employing 225,000 employees in total
  • yearly turnover totalling € 60 billion
  • direct export totalling € 37 billion
  • 228 employees at FME
  • support to 105 trade associations

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