Cleantech Holland

For visitors outside of the Netherlands

Cleantech Holland would like to inform you about Dutch products, services, solutions and innovtions in the Cleantech sector. Please contact us if you are looking for specific solutions or are interested in meeting Dutch companies and organizations. We as Cleantech Holland organize serval incoming trade -and innovation missions here in Holland. We would be more than happy to assist or inform you. Let us know what we can do for you.


For Dutch companies and organizations

Cleantech Holland organizes several trade -and innovation missions to help promote Dutch products, services, innovations and solutions worldwide. We are also known to organize serveral Holland Pavillions (Holland Energy Houses) at different tradeshows and exhibitions around the world. Futhermore we inform you about international markets and opportunies at differents seminars and informations sessions as well as on this website. Last but not least we have several promotion tools we use around the world to inform the world about the Dutch ingenuity in the field of Cleantech: “Global challenges, Dutch energy solutions”.


Cleantech Holland wishes to make a valuable contribution towards the achievement of the national, European and international climate objectives. It will do so by promoting the products and services of Dutch clean technology companies on the international markets.

Cleantech Holland is an export organisation and platform for Dutch clean tech businesses, universities, governments, and nonprofit organizations.

Our aim is to promote the use of Dutch products, services, systems and innovations in the following fields;

  1. Renewable Energy
  2. Energy Infrastructure
  3. Energy Efficiency
  4. Energy Storage

The world is our market and we actively promote our solutions worldwide. We are commited to advancing sustainable solutions for benefit of the economy and the environment.


The tools we use to promote the Dutch Cleantech sector are; incoming and outgoing trademissions, Holland pavillions at international tradeshows and exhibitions, international matchmaking, study tours, promotions material and much more.


Please contact us if you have any questions, inquiries or remarks.

Cleantech Holland

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