Tocardo Tidal and Water Energy

  Sluiskolkkade 2
  1779 GP, Den Oever

  +31 (0)227 726 200


Tocardo originates from Teamwork Technology, a company specialized in renewable concepts. One of these concepts was the Archimedes Wave Swing (AWS) which was tested and trialed in 2004 in Portugal and later sold. The team responsible for the development of the AWS consisted of Delft University graduates in different disciplines, such as naval architecture, civil engineering and electronics. This highly experienced and capable team later developed the Tocardo technology.

From 1997 on a range of turbine types were developed, for example a venturi turbine and a ring generator. Although the efficiency of these designs was good, they didn’t meet the requirements on reliability and scalability which are part of the core philosophy of Tocardo. As a result of this development process a two-bladed, horizontal axis, direct drive generator was build and tested and it proved to withstand the tough requirements.

Grotere kaart weergeven


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