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  1704 SB , Heerhugowaard

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We are developers of ready-to-use electronics. These products are characterized by their integrated approach to the various disciplines within the building. This means that separate systems such as air-conditioning, lighting and access provision, are easily integrated into one system using the Flexicontrol solutions with all its additional advantages. For the end user our products focus on saving energy, making homes more comfortable and safe to live and work in.

Wendy, our home automation computer, is the center of any modern household. She connects your house to the smart grid. This enables Wendy to make the utmost use of ‘smart appliances’. For example: Wendy postpones the start of the washing machine until there is solar energy in abundance. But most of all, Wendy makes sure you are comfortable in your home while taking care of your lighting and safety 24/7. Wendy can be accessed over the web, through smartphone, tablet and an attractive in-house display.


Wendy gained national recognition in March of 2013 by winning the Dutch Smart Grid Innovation Award.


Our ambition for the coming years is to continuously invest in product innovation. Next to that we aim to grow our marketshare in the Netherlands for home automation solutions. We also are investigating the need for Flexicontrol products in Europe.

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