ESTechnologies Energy Storage

  Smidse 2
  1671 NJ, Medemblik

  +31 (0)358 200 249


ESTechnologies BV is established in 2009 by Cor Meedendorp and Diederick Stam, both working in the super yacht industry for many years and both owner of Floattech. When they were asked to quote on a battery system with Lithium batteries, they did research on the technology and they came to the conclusion that at that time, no suitable products were available. During their research they came up with a superb Lithium Polymer cell, but a cell doesn’t make a battery.

Thinking about energy storage and combining the storage with their
knowledge of complex electric systems, gradually the idea was born to make a battery of their own, able to fill the gap in energy storage demands of tomorrow. A new “super battery” development process was started. Also, a new company was founded: ESTechnologies. Of course it took a while and many proto types to come up with the models that are sold today.

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